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National Time Recording Equipment
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Quality Time & Date Stamps in New York, NY Since 1930

In addition to time and attendance clocks, National Time Recording Equipment Co. Inc. of New York, New York, is your go-to source for time and date stamps. Simply purchase one of our available systems to ensure your data is current and accurate. We even sell parts for your time and date stamps, such as ribbons, die and signature plates, and more.

Electro-Mechanical & Easy-to-Use

Our dealer sells more than cost-effective time and date stamps. You can also count on us for affordable electronic perforating machines, check signers, and embossing equipment.
Model AR

  • 4 digit year wheel
  • Automatic Print
MODEL AR — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
Model AR-C

  • 4 digit year wheel
  • Automatic Print
MODEL AR C — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
4700/4800 Automatic Time & Date Stamp

  • Automatic print
  • Single-motor operation
  • Adjustable print position
Amano 4700 — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
PIX 3000

  • Lithium Battery Provides Back-Up of Data During Power Failure
  • Automatic Daylight and Standard Time Change
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Automatically Resets Month, each Month
  • Print format Selections: Day or Date; 12-hour or 24-hour; Standard Minutes, 10ths, or 100ths of hour)
  • Internal Lithium Cell Battery Back-Up to Protect Program Data During Power Outages
Amano PIX 3000 — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
ETC Series

Bright, easy-to-read digital time display.
Can handle hundreds of print registrations per day.
ETC Series offer impact/corrosion resistant case with security lock.
acroprint ETC — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
T-3 Series

The T-3 Electronic Time & Date Stamp is versatile, featuring high quality, clean, crisp imprints. it is compact and offers a variety of desirable features. This product has instant trigger operation, you just insert the paper and it stamps. The ribbon is quick and easy to change, no mess. The new open throat and finger indent case feature allows for greater accessibility. Documents of letter size or small tickets can be inserted with ease. stamping pressure can be electronically increased to penetrate through multi-part carbon and non-carbon forms.
t-3 series — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
LT5000 Series

The LT5000 is the world’s most innovative and flexible electronic time date and document stamp. Completely customizable, easy to use, built to last, and backed by the Lathem name, you can trust the LT5000 for all of your document stamping needs.
LT5000 series — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
ES900 Series

The full-featured ES900 time recorder is designed for a professional office environment and works for:
  • Time and attendance.
  • Job costing.
  • Document control

With over 300 available print configurations, including 13 preset messages in your choice of six languages and an option for automatic consecutive numbering, the ES900 is suitable for a wide variety of business applications.
ES900 series — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY

The Future In Time Synchronization (OATS Systems)

TS-3000i Series

  • Zero Configuration Networking (Zeroconf) is a set of techniques that automatically create a usable network IP without configuration or special services. This allows inexpert users to connect computers, networked printers, and other items together and expect them to work automatically.
  • Supports Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Integral diagnostics including LCD display, transaction reset, and manual time sync
  • 10/100 Base T Ethernet TCP/IP communication over existing network
  • Synchronization logging data maintained per FINRA OATS Rule 7430 requirements
  • Status, transaction, and configuration reports available
  • Prints alphanumeric custom comments
  • Quick, easy ribbon cartridge replacement
  • Automatic and/or manual print activation
  • Prints through up to 6 carbon copies
  • Maintains time less than 4/10 of a second over a 24-hour period once synchronized
  • Time imprint formats include seconds as per FINRA OATS Rule 7430 requirements
TS-300i series — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
PIX-25 Series

  • Ability to synchronize to the atomic clock
  • Automatically changes year, month, date and Daylight Saving Time
  • Prints time in regular or military time; AM or PM, 0-23 hours, minutes, tenths or hundredths
  • Illuminated print window for easy card alignment
  • Automatic or manual print
  • Quartz accuracy
  • Ribbon capacity indicator
  • Cartridge ribbon
  • Prints multiple languages and pre-configured messages
  • Clear printing on paper or time cards
  • Large, easy to read digital display
  • Battery backup
  • Table or wall mount
  • 3 year backup retains memory and settings
pix-25 series — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY