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Cost-Efficient Time & Attendance Clocks in New York, NY Since 1930

Cost-Efficient Time & Attendance Clocks
Tracking your employees' hours is a breeze with time and attendance clocks from National Time Recording Equipment Co. Inc. in New York, New York. With our affordable systems, there's no need to worry about inaccuracies.

4000 Series

400 series -Mechanical Time Clocks — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
4000 Series

Automatic Activation

The original and long-lasting time clock. Ideal for payroll time or job costing, these heavy duty time clocks can withstand high volume use and harsh environments.
amano EX9000— Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
9000 Series

The EX9000 series clocks offer the following features:

  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic alignment on the time card
  • Prints up, down or across the time card
  • Adjustable throat allows you to use your existing time cards
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time, short months, leap years and power outages
  • Battery backup maintains your clock and program data during a power failure
Amano MJR7000 — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
MJR7000 Series

Discover fast accurate payroll preparation with the MJR Series computerized time recorder. The MJR-7000 automatically calculates hours worked, and separates overtime hours taking the “guess work” out of payroll processing.
Amano MJR8000 — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
MJR8000 Series

The MJR-8000 is a fully programmable computerized time recorder that automatically calculates employee hours through consistent application of payroll policies.

- 250 employee capacity; totals hours worked
- Accommodates two overtime categories
- Automatically deducts for breaks & lunch
AMANO MRX35 — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
MRX35 Series

The MRX-35 is the next logical step in electronic time recorders. This calculating time clock totals hours up to 50 employees, accumulates totals for regular hours and two overtime levels and accommodates weekly and bi-weekly payroll.
AMANO cp-5000 — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
7500E Series

With large clear display, the 7500E electronic time clock provides precise and exact time information using a signal from the WWVB atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. An atomic time clock that automatically calculates worked time between punches and accumulates totals on the card for up to 100 active employees or jobs
model 125 — Time Recording Equipment in New York, NY
Model 125 & 150 Series

A heavy-duty punch clock such as the Model 125 can handle thousands of print registrations per day. These dependable workhorses feature a tough, rust-resistant case that stands up to harsh environments. They're suitable for any size business. They carry a full lifetime warranty on the typewheel and an industry-leading 2-year warranty for the rest of the materials.